Sharks. Yes, they’re out there and if you're someone who frequents the beach they're not always as far from shore as you might prefer; however, we have yet to hear of them troubling any swimmers in our area. We catch many different kinds of sharks off the coast of Miami Beach and South Florida including hammerheads, thresher sharks, mako sharks, blacktips, spinners, bull sharks, sandbar sharks, nurse sharks, dusky sharks, tiger sharks and silky sharks.

Sharks can be found at any depth. You can sometimes see them on the surface, tailing their way across the water; some will attack your bait as you're dropping it down or as you're reeling it back up; they may also go after another nice fish that you have on your line; and then others are out of sight, prowling the deep ocean. You will definitely hear the ominous theme from dorsal fin of a shark as it circles the bait on the surface of the water. And then the next thing you’ll hear is the line screaming off the reel, the fish will sound, and the game is on. Other times you’ll put the bait down deep and patiently wait for a bite, wondering all the time if there's a shark on the hunt somewhere down there, sneaking around in stealth-mode. All of a sudden you’ll feel the pull of a giant freight train of a fish. You’ll gain a little line, just to give it all back again. Fighting a shark will take all your strength and stamina and when you finally get your fish to the boat you will be face to face with an amazing predator. This is the time to be extra careful and show this animal the respect it deserves; the sharks that we catch are often bigger than the average human and they really do have jaws of vicious razor-like teeth and muscular bodies, hard as rock, that are capable of doing damage to you and the boat.

The skin of a shark is firm and dense and if you get the opportunity to touch a shark it will feel smooth as silk in one direction, but like velcro when you rub it the other way. A hammerhead shark is one of the most peculiar creatures that you may ever see, with its eyeballs positioned on weird extensions that jut out from either side of its skull. Sharks are impressive animals and epitomize big-game fishing. Many sharks are fully protected and must be released, other species are restricted by size.