Blackfin tuna catch in our charter boat
Blackfin Tuna Tacos
There are several types of tuna that swim off the
coast of South Florida and Miami Beach, including
blackfin tuna, skipjack tuna, and what we call
bonito, but what others may know as bonita, little
tunny or false albacore.

Tuna are determined fighters with solid muscular
bodies and they dart through the water like
torpedoes. Once on the line they make evasive
moves and they leave an underwater smoke trail
that you can see as they get close to the boat.
Sometimes you will come across a school of tuna
all in a frenzy, splashing on the surface of the
ocean, feeding on bait as larger fish feed on them.
This will usually draw a cloud of birds onto the
scene and when you see all this pandemonium
going on you're almost guaranteed a hook up.

The food value of tuna varies between species;
however, they are all other fish...and by
humans, too! As food fish for humans, bonito would
probably be considered the least desirable of the
bunch as they have a very wide and deep center
bloodline that most people don't care to eat. This
diminishes the status of the bonito at the fillet have to cut away so much of the fish to
get to the best part, the tenderloins. But as food fish
for fish, this same characteristic is what makes
bonito a really attractive bait. The other tunas have
much less waste and make for very good eating.
We do carry powdered wasabi and soy sauce on
the OUTCAST, so let the crew know if you want to
try some sashimi, including bonito, while on the
boat or back at the dock. You can also read our
blog about
preparing bonito and making blackfin
tuna tacos.

Bonito aka little tunny fish packe din ice
Father and son with a blackfin tuna catch
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