Mackerel are a lot of fun to catch on light tackle. We
generally troll for mackerel nearshore with spoons,
feathers and little artificial lures or we might also drift or
anchor up with live bait. Spanish mackerel are identified
by their gold spots, but we also catch cero mackerel,
identified by their gold lines and dashes. Juvenile kingfish,
or king mackerel, resemble Spanish mackerel at first
glance, but you can tell the difference by checking the
front of the dorsal fin which is charcoal gray on the
Spanish mackerel but light gray throughout on the
kingfish. You can also look at the lateral line which is
gently sloping on the Spanish mackerel but has a much
more pronounced dip on the kingfish.

Mackerel, like salmon and sardines, have a high level of
omega-3 fatty acids, a class of essential polyunsaturated
fatty acids that benefit heart health; if you handle the
fillets you can actually feel the richness of the fat in the
flesh of the fish and there will be a residue left on your
skin. Mackerel are great table fare; when cooked the
meat is pure white with a fine flake and delicate flavor. If
you want to totally negate the health benefits, you’ll find
mackerel to be especially delicious when fried...but that
can be said of almost anything!

Spanish mackerel gold spots close up
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Cero Mackerel's gold lines and dashes close up