mammal, and you may catch dolphin, the fish. The
mammal is also known as porpoise and the fish is also
known as mahi-mahi or dorado. You do not have to
worry about hooking the mammal; they are very smart
and seem to know that playing in the wake of the boat is
fun but that eating our bait is a bad idea. The same can't
be said for dolphin, the fish.

We troll for dolphin and you may catch a solo fish or a
pair, a cow and a bull. At other times we may come
across a whole school of dolphin, usually taking cover
under some floating debris or patches of seaweed, and
every rod will go down. If we get into a school of dolphin
expect it to get a little messy. We make every effort to
keep everyone and everything clean while we're fishing
(we have both a fresh and saltwater washdown in the
cockpit), but sometimes fish can do some wild and
unpredictable things. The cockpit can become quite
hectic as multiple fish are caught, checked for size and
released or boated, while at the same time we're also
putting out more bait to keep the school around.

Dolphin can be very acrobatic and they are also one of
the most colorful game fish swimming in the ocean,
with beautiful shades of iridescent yellow, green and
blue. Dolphin are delicious to eat and you will find
dolphin on the menu in many restaurants. Dolphin is
very versatile and can be prepared almost every way
you can think of with excellent results; it has a mild
flavor and fairly firm texture. Enjoy dolphin broiled,
grilled, fried, baked, blackened, sautéed, steamed,
escoveitched Jamaican-style, in Baja tacos, in curry
and vindaloo, in a chowder, stew or soup...did we leave
something out? Any way you like's all good!

3 dolphin fish catches at our Miami Beach marina
Holding large dolphin (mahi mahi) catch
Dolphin fish fin close up
Dolphin fish eye close up
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